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Extremely High Payout Percentages
Parking & Admission are Always Free
Daily Poker High Hand Payouts of up to $15,000
Good Luck Player’s Club Loyalty Rewards Program
Monthly Promotions, Tournaments & Giveaways
64 High Limit Slot Games
20 Live Action Poker Tables
Over 800 Las Vegas Style Slot Machines
Open 365 Days a Year

Win Big. Win Often.

With one of the highest payout percentages in South Florida, the next big jackpot will hit very soon...will it be YOU?!

 Win a Jackpot $1,200 and higher all month long and have a second chance to come back to win some additional Cash and/or Free Play at our Jackpot Jubilee.* So keep on playing and every time you win a Jackpot, you'll not only join our illustrious Winner's Circle®, but also be featured right here! 

*See Good Luck Player's Club for more details.

South Florida Casino
South Florida Casino
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Ruperto S.

Nov 16, 2015, 11:55 AM
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