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Ride & Drives

Hit the road in style!

Our enormous parking lot holds no obstructions. With a myriad of different parking lot configurations, there is ample space and opportunity for planning a large- or small- scale event. You’ll be sure to find the space you need to showcase vehicles and create drive courses along with dealer or buyer education seminars.

The following are the general rules for Ride-N-Drives:

  • Each individual Ride-N-Drive determines the age and insurance requirements of the driver.
  • Some Ride-N-Drives require a Breathalyzer Test.
  • All adults must provide follow-up information about themselves.
  • All drivers and passengers must complete a Waiver of Liability.
  • All drivers must produce a valid driver's license.

Once you have narrowed down your decision, it’s important to head out to a dealership to do a more complete test drive of a vehicle to make sure it suits your needs. While there are plenty of product specialists at the show, there are also experts at the dealership who can get into more details on that vehicle you fell in love with at the Auto Show.

Contact Jennifer Vitrella or call 954.457.6186 to schedule.
(Areas relate to map below)

Area1 ( North Stretch's Lot )

Area2 ( Silks Run)

Area3 ( South Parking Lot )


• Food & Beverage needs
• Certificate of Liability Insurance forms
• Incidentals: Restrooms, Power, Trash, Security, EMT Service


All lots are individually priced.

Contact Jennifer Vitrella at, or call 954.457.6186 to schedule.