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Pegasus Park


Pegasus is a symbol of knowledge, glory, and inspiration. Since ancient times, Pegasus has been a symbol of power and speed as well as imagination. The symbol of Pegasus is recognized as “the spirit of flying horsepower”.

The 110’ bronze and steel Pegasus statue redefines the South Florida skyline. The mythological winged horse slaying the dragon pays homage to the prestigious Sport of Kings and the enduring legacy of Gulfstream Park owner, Frank Stronach who came up with the idea in April of 2011.


What: Pegasus slaying a dragon

110 feet tall, 115 feet wide, 200 feet long 

Pegasus, 330 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze; dragon, 110 tons of steel and 132 tons of bronze 

Journey to Hallandale Beach:  
Hundreds of bronze pieces were packed in 26 shipping containers and sent by boat which took about six weeks. The steel was packed in 23 containers and also sent by boat. 

Nuts and bolts: 18,000 screws

Workers: More than 200, including four translators 

 About $30 million 

 Took about eight months and is nearly complete. The landscaping and water feature should be completed by summer 2015.

You are watching it being built...LIVE!