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"The GP Fan Tour is like having a backstage pass."

Jul 16, 2015, 14:29 PM
Matthew Sabatino


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    • Create your own race name to appear in Gulfstream Park’s official program
    • Watch your named race from the winner’s circle with your group
    • Get your group and race name mentioned by the track announcer
    • Present a “trophy” to the winning jockey
    • Souvenir photo





    • Get a visit to our world-class jockey’s room and catch a glimpse of what goes on before the races
    • See our colorful Silks Room
    • Watch the Clerk of Scales and valets at work as they prep for the day
    • Maybe even meet your favorite jockey and get an autograph or photo



    • Take a private tour of our backstretch
    • Watch horses get bathed and groomed after morning workouts
    • Meet trainers and barn assistants



    • Join our Track Announcer in the booth and take in the view
    • Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the announcer prepares and watch with him as he calls a live race


    Peter Aiello Spring/Summer Meet

    A South Florida native, Peter Aiello  graduated in 2007 from the University of Arizona’s Horse Racing Industry Program. Within a year, he landed his first announcing position as the “Voice of River Downs” in Cincinnati. In 2010, he returned to Florida and became both Director of Simulcasting and Track Announcer at Hialeah Park.  Aiello joined Gulfstream Park in 2013, when he was named Track Announcer for the inaugural summer meet. 


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