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PWCI Horsemen Information Sheet - Enhanced Protocols

Jan 19, 2018
HALLANDALE BEACH, FL – The Stronach Group has announced its enhanced security measures and protocols for horses competing in the Pegasus World Cup Invitational (G1) Saturday, Jan. 27 at Gulfstream Park.

“The Stronach Group is committed to the safety, welfare and integrity of all our athletes. We believe these security measures and protocols reaffirm our commitment to the sport, the fans and our participants,” said Mike Rogers, a member of The Stronach Group’s Executive Team.

In addition to other applicable state laws and Gulfstream track policies, The Stronach Group will mandate the following protocols and horses competing the Pegasus: 

• Horses competing in the Pegasus World Cup Invitational (PWCI) are subject to Out-Of-Competition Testing.
• A Gulfstream Park Veterinarian Administrator will perform in-stall inspections and on-track observations of the PWCI contenders in the days preceding the event. 
• Horses must be on the grounds no later than 72 hours prior to post time of the PWCI.  Horses must remain on the Gulfstream Park facility grounds until after the running of the PWCI. Exceptions will only be granted in the case of an unforeseeable emergency. 
• The horses competing in the PWCI shall be monitored at all times by additional security personnel. 
• Security personnel will be monitoring all treatments of participating horses performed by Veterinarians prior to post-time. 
• Trainers shall submit a list of treating Veterinarians to the Stewards no later than 6pm on Wednesday, January 25. 
• A full daily Veterinarian record of all medications and treatments given to horses competing in the PWCI 72 hours prior to the race are to be provided to the Chief Examining Veterinarian (CEV).  
• Any shock wave therapy needs to be administered no later than 10 days prior to the PWCI. The attending Veterinarian will need to make an appointment with security and a report must be submitted to CVE within 24 hours. 
• Stall entry and exit logs will be maintained by security personnel.  All persons including grooms, veterinarians, trainers, assistant trainers, farriers, owners, or other connections on entering the stall or engaging in contact with the horse or performing any service for the horse must possess a valid license and each person will be logged-in with security personnel with the reason for their visit. 
• All equipment, feed etc. are subject to search and seizure by both Gulfstream Park and the Florida DBPR. 
• All persons must have a valid Florida DBPR license. 
• Lasix administration will take place in the horses own stall by a Gulfstream Park Veterinarian Administrator. 
• Materials used for medication administrations will be retained by Gulfstream Park for possible testing.
• On race day, no treatments will be permitted, other than Lasix, for specifically designated horses.  
• The use of breathing compounds, for oral and nasal dosing shall not be permitted on race day. 
• Nothing other than water can be used to flush a horse’s mouth on race day. 
• All horses participating in the PWCI will be subject to TCO2 screening and testing on race day 4 to 6 hours prior to post time. 
• Horses participating in the PWCI will escorted with Security Personnel to the paddock. 
• On Saturday, January 28 pre-race exams by regulatory Veterinarian will begin at 6:00am. Trainers are requested to have horses’ legs clean and open for exam.  Horses may not be placed in ice until after undergoing its pre-race exam. 
• Absolutely NO medication can be administered within 24 hours of Post Time except Lasix.
• PWCI participants will receive priority for paddock schooling.

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