$100,000 Mr. Prospector (G3) Quotes

$100,000 Mr. Prospector (G3) Quotes


Trainer Ronald Pellegrini (Singanothersong):

“We thought (Star Harbour) would be on the lead and we thought we’d just lay off him. We thought he could take the lead anytime he wanted, and we were pretty confident he would win. It was harder for other people to realize it than us. This is a pretty nice horse. The track wasn’t playing that fast all day. It looked like he had a lot left, and (jockey) Juan (Leyva) said he had a lot more if he wanted it. This horse is pretty fast. We’ve worked very hard getting him to rate. Like I told my owner, I said, 'Iif I can teach this horse how to rate, believe me, we’re going to have a lot nicer horse than you ever thought we did.' When he came back this year after a knee operation, he’s run three bang-up races in a row.            

"We’ll just weigh our options and see where we want to go from here. I think now, because he can rate (seven furlongs) is (within his scope). Our ultimate plan is to try and get him to the Breeders’ Cup Sprint (G1) next year. We’re going to pick spots and not over race him and do whatever we can to get him there."           

Jockey Juan Leyva (Singanothersong): “It worked out just like I thought. I wanted to make sure the 3 horse (Star Harbour) didn’t get away with easy fractions. I knew my horse is a nice horse and I wanted to give him every chance to win the race. I knew he could do it. The first time I sat on this horse, I loved him and told (trainer) Ron (Pellegrini), this is a nice horse.”            

Fractions: :22.36, :44.75, :56.79, 1:09.92. Main track good.