$200,000 Hurricane Bertie (G3) Quotes

$200,000 Hurricane Bertie (G3) Quotes


Trainer Buff Bradley (Groupie Doll):

“I’m so happy for Mandy and for Groupie, going out a winner like this. Mandy has put so much into it; she walked up with the horse; she’s been there with her all week.           

“I love her going out a winner. Seeing her on the backside, I was about sick to my stomach. I just thought, ‘Man, she got left at the gate. There’s too much to do.' I was afraid there was too much to do, but when she made that move on the turn, she was just gone. This is one of the most exciting for me. Obviously, winning Breeders’ Cups is great, but to see her win for the new owner, I was just as excited as if I was the owner. It’s good to see someone who put so much into the game get rewarded.           

“Rajiv knows her. We talked about the race and how it would unfold. I didn’t think she was going to be 10 lengths out of it going down the backside, and he didn’t either. She usually breaks better than that. She usually breaks from the outside and the lanes are better for her and she gets up there quicker. Rajiv didn’t panic, thank goodness. He just sat there and didn’t panic and he knew when it was time to go.”            

“I know she’s going to have a good life. Mandy is going to take good care of her and I can see her whenever I want. I’m just happy with the career she’s had. You know she’s got to move on at some point. I wish she could keep racing this year, then retire, but I understand the business part of it. She got to stay around another year, and now she’s a winner as a 6-year-old. That’s something on her resume too.”           

Owner Mandy Pope  (Groupie Doll):

"I'm in tears...very excited. I'm so happy for everyone, the fans, Buff (Bradley). It's just so wonderful. I was so worried when she was so far behind, but they were telling me, 'Don't worry about it.' It was just wonderful and amazing.           

(On whether her mind has changed on retiring Groupie Doll): "This was our plan and it would be nice to stick to it."           

Jockey Rajiv Maragh (Groupie Doll): “It worked out in our favor when she broke a little slow because it gave me an opportunity to get outside and get to the clear. One thing I didn’t want to do being on the inside is be pinned in and not be able to make my move when I wanted to. Going in, I’m pretty sure I’m on the best horse and I just wanted to be able to get a clear path. When she broke slow, it just kind of fell into place that I got off the inside and it all worked out from there.           

“I mean, she was flying down the lane; she was going to win easy. I actually geared her down the last sixteenth because it was unnecessary to go any faster. She was going to win anyway. I was so happy that she showed the world what a powerful performance she has in her.           

“I’m just so happy that she goes out in this kind of style. This is really what she’s capable of and she’s doing so great. The last race in the Cigar Mile didn’t work out in our favor with some things, but she’s that quality that she can beat anybody. I’m just so happy that she showed it today. It was a great performance.           

“She’s been in positions where she’s on the lead, and she’s been in positions where she’s last. She seems to adapt to any scenario. I wasn’t really that worried because it seemed like there was a lot of speed in the race anyway and I didn’t want to be hooked up in a battle early. I wanted to save her best run for the last three-eighths of a mile. Even when she broke slow, you think you’re a lot further back but she overcomes it because she has so much talent.”