Gulfstream To Provide Bettors More Information On Disqualifications

Gulfstream To Provide Bettors More Information On Disqualifications


HALLANDALE BEACH, FL - Gulfstream Park announced today it will begin instituting changes to provide bettors more information and greater transparency whenever there is a disqualification or objection on any of its races.               

"We truly believe the bettor deserves a detailed explanation as to why a horse has been disqualified," said Gulfstream President Tim Ritvo. "The bettor is not only the economic engine that drives this sport, but he and she is also the biggest fan of the sport. We need to continue to find ways to improve the integrity and transparency of the sport. We have not done a good job explaining why our stewards have disqualified a horse, and we're going to change that. We have a few changes we will implement immediately, but we are studying a number of other ideas, including a camera and microphone in the stewards' booth."                

Track announcer Larry Collmus will provide a detailed explanation for the ruling while a replay of the infraction is highlighted and played from pan and head-on angles. A statement by the stewards will be posted on Gulfstream Park's website under disqualifications.               

"I have talked to several track officials and respected stewards over the past week and we've discussed several ways of being more transparent when it comes to objections and inquiries," Ritvo said. "Obviously, there's never going to be a 100 percent consensus whether a horse should or should not be taken down. We want stewards to be consistent, but we also want them to treat each race individually because every scenario is different. We also want them to be quick, but sometimes decisions take longer, especially after a turf race because stewards must wait for the jockeys to come back. But we feel we can provide our bettors more information and information that's more timely.                

"There will be things we add, maybe a few we eventually subtract, but our decisions will be based on what is best for our bettors," Ritvo said. "If these changes work at Gulfstream, we will roll them out across all Stronach Group tracks."