Johnny V. Blog - Thursday, Feb. 24

Johnny V. Blog - Thursday, Feb. 24


 We witnessed last week the part of the business no one likes, a terrible spill after the running of one of the races.
The risk for jockeys is there all the time. We can get hurt anytime, from the moment we get on the horse in the paddock to galloping out after the race. It’s constant. It’s definitely a dangerous job and everyone can see the dangers that come with it. I hope we can continue working with the racetracks in terms of helping the situation in regards to ambulances and transport. We really are a different entity; we’re in a sport like no other, the most dangerous. 
I’ve seen Eibar Coa. He’s as good as he can be right now. Please, God, let him regain all his feeling and let him come out of the hospital walking.
On another note, it was announced Monday that Uncle Mo will make his first start of the year March 12 here at Gulfstream in the $100,000 Timely Writer. That’s a good thing. I was on him Sunday when he worked at Palm Meadows. It was very nice, very cool. I was going by myself so I let him stretch his legs a little bit. Down the lane I let him out and he galloped out very well. He’s grown a little bit, but he’s always been a strong colt.

Hopefully, he’ll be ready by the time of the race. You’re just hoping he can develop and do even better than last year. In horse racing you don’t always know if they’ll come back the same until they run. You really can’t figure it out all the time with works. They’ll be working well and doing everything right and then you enter them to run and they don’t come back the same. But Uncle Mo has been great this winter. There have never been any complaints with him.

I was asked if I felt any pressure riding a colt like this, the champion 2-year-old and of the Kentucky Derby favorites, but I look at it as a lot of fun. The day of the race you might get the jitters, a little nervous, but I’d rather be in that position than any other. 

I’m really looking forward to riding Uncle Mo in the race. I can’t wait to see him run again.