Lopez Takes Takes Off Weekend Mounts

Lopez Takes Takes Off Weekend Mounts


HALLANDALE BEACH, FL – Jockey Paco Lopez took off his mounts Saturday and Sunday at Gulfstream Park due to a small hairline crack on his shoulder blade, according to agent Cory Moran.

Lopez was involved in a spill during Friday’s sixth race. Lopez rode his remaining three mounts Friday after the spill, but went to Memorial Regional Hospital later in the evening.

“He went to the hospital after the last race because he was feeling a little dizzy,” Moran said. “When he got to the hospital they checked him out, did an x-ray, and saw he had a very small hairline crack in the shoulder blade.

“He’s in no pain. He’s not on any medication. I just wanted him to take off today (Saturday) and Sunday as a precaution. We’re going to see the doctor Monday but I expect him to be riding Thursday.”