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Gulfstream Today

Mandatory Payout of Rainbow 6 Returns $12,796
Wolfson Enters Three in Saturday's $75,000 Anka Germania

Excitement Building as Monday’s Rainbow 6 Mandatory Payout Nears

Handicapping Show, Rainbow 6 Races Streamed at
Pool Could Reach $16 Million Memorial Day

Gulfstream Today

Tommy Turner rejoins Gulfstream Jockey Colony
Salamera Makes it Back to Winner’s Circle in Feature  
Rainbow 6 Carryover Climbs to $6,397,286.35
Super Hi-5 Carryover Swells to $30,142.88 

Rainbow 6 Mania Spreading Across Country

Giveaways, Group Pools, Featured in Media

Rainbow 6 Betting Will be Facilitated by Higher Base-Wager Amounts

Tickets Accepted in Any Amount as Long as It’s in 20-Cent Increments

Handicapping The Rainbow 6

Bankroll Dictates Whether To Play Favorites Or Single And Spread 

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