Photo Day Winners Announced

Photo Day Winners Announced


HALLANDALE BEACH, FL – Gulfstream Park's award-winning photographer Adam Coglianese chose Christina Strong's photograph as the best of nearly 70 that were posted on as his favorite from the first Photo Day held in January.

Strong's photo of two horses working together was taken from the backstretch and received Coglianese's Win designation.

"I really like how it shows the movement of the horses," Coglianese said. "It creates a true appreciation for their athleticism and speed when you look at it. It's framed nicely with the grandstand in the background, giving a great feel of Gulfstream as a whole. In addition, the image is shot straight so the horses don't appear to be running on a hill."

Coglianese awarded Place to Vitor Maeda Dreux Costa's photo of a horse's legs.

"It's a very nice, close-up view of a horse's lower legs, hoof and shoe," Coglianese said. "It's really sharp so the details of the hoof, polo, etc…really pop. The lighting is also very nice."

The Show award went to Patricia Turo's photo of a horse galloping across the main track against a sky with streams of light coming through clouds.

"This one was also well framed with a striking background," Coglianese said. "The light coming through the clouds is lovely."

Added Coglianese; "It was great fun meeting and spending the morning with so many people from so many backgrounds, from professional to amateur photographers. We're looking forward to another opportunity to play host to more photographers."

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Click Here to see the larger photo