The Walder Blog: March 10, 2011

The Walder Blog: March 10, 2011


 Last week was a good week. We had two winners Thursday, one was Royal Majesty, a horse from Finger Lakes we’ve had for a while. That horse winning was cool. There was a little pressure since he was 2-5, but it’s like I’ve said before, I’d like to be 2-5 every time I run.

The other race we won that day was on the grass with Prime Precision. Meanwhile, Sweet N Sour Nina, who won here in an optional claimer last month, is doing well. We’re looking at a couple stakes, maybe the Ocala here on the 27th or maybe the Rampart the day before the Florida Derby. We know the longer the better for her and she loves the track. And when you go that far, distance is a great equalizer. Sometimes you don’t have to be as good to be the better horse. She’s real good right now. Her numbers are not spectacular, but she beat a nice horse last time in Acting Happy. So she proved she could step up.

Claiming horses right now is tough. It’s impossible, really. The other day I went for a cheap horse and there was a 4-way shake. Last week there was an 8-way shake. I knew there were a lot of people looking. You know your competition when you’re claiming. There are different types of people looking at $6,250 claimers than $25,000 or $40,000 claimers. As much as I claim, I know who’s going for what.

The only time I wasn’t in a shake was last week when I claimed two for $25,000. But at the bottom everybody wants them. What I said at the beginning of the meet is coming to fruition. Horses running at the beginning for $6,250 are running now for $8,000 or $10,000 so guys can try and protect them. Horses are at a premium. Horses worth $6,000 at the beginning are worth $8,000 now. Horses worth $10,000 are now worth $15,000.

After April you’ll really being paying a premium. People don’t want to lose them. It will be crazy; like 20 people on a building with binoculars all looking for the same $20 bill. Then they find it all at the same time and everyone starts running for it. And if you do find a horse to claim it gets back to poker. No one really wants to lose one in April, so you have to question why they’re putting their horse in that claiming race? Are they doing it to win a race or lose a horse? You have to know your competition.

We’re looking forward to another good week. And on Saturday Gulfstream has Uncle Mo, the 2-year-old champion, making his first start of the year. I enjoy watching good horses running. I think it’s good for the sport. There’s an electric feeling in the crowd when those horses race. I enjoy those kinds of days. It’s fun.

Hope you can be there.