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Stakes Race
G2 Fountain of Youth3YO1 1/16 M / Dirt$400,000NominationsPast Performances
G2 Davona Dale3YO / F1M / Dirt$200,000NominationsPast Performances
G2 Gulfstream Park Mile4YO&UP1M / Dirt$200,000NominationsPast Performances
G2 Mac Diarmida4YO&UP1 3/8 M / Turf$200,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 Canadian Turf4YO&UP1 1/16 M / Turf$150,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 Honey Fox4YO&UP / F&M1M / Turf$150,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 The Very One4YO&UP / F&M1 3/8 M / Turf$150,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 Herecomesthebride3YO / F1M / Turf$175,000NominationsPast Performances
Colonel Liam3YO1M / Turf$175,000NominationsPast Performances
The San Cristobal4YO&UP1 1/8 M / Tapeta$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Silks Run4YO&UP5 Furlongs / Turf$100,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 Hurricane Bertie4YO&UP / F&M6 1/2 Furlongs / Dirt$125,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Captiva Island4YO&UP / F&M5 Furlongs / Turf$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Hutcheson3YO6 Furlongs / Dirt$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Any Limit3YO / F6 Furlongs / Dirt$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Texas Glitter3YO5 Furlongs / Turf$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Melody of Colors3YO / F5 Furlongs / Turf$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
G1 Curlin Florida Derby presented by Hill n Dale Farm at Xalapa3YO1 1/8 M / Dirt$1,000,000NominationsPast Performances
G2 Gulfstream Park Oaks presented by FanDuel TV3YO / F1 1/16 M / Dirt$250,000NominationsPast Performances
G2 Pan American presented by Rood & Riddle4YO&UP1 1/2 M / Turf$200,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 Orchid4YO&UP / F&M1 1/2 M / Turf$150,000NominationsPast Performances
G3 Ghostzapper4YO&UP1 1/16 M / Dirt$150,000NominationsPast Performances
Appleton4YO&UP1M / Turf$150,000NominationsPast Performances
Sand Springs4YO&UP / F&M1 1/16 M / Turf$150,000NominationsPast Performances
Sir Shackleton4YO&UP7 Furlongs / Dirt$125,000NominationsPast Performances
Cutler Bay3YO7 1/2 Furlongs / Turf$125,000NominationsPast Performances
Sanibel Island3YO / F7 1/2 Furlongs / Turf$125,000NominationsPast Performances
Sunshine State Starter Handicap4YO&UP1 1/8 M / Tapeta$60,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
The Mo' Green3YO&UP / F&M1 M / Dirt$75,000NominationsPast Performances
The Sunny Island3YO&UP5 Furlongs / Turf$75,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
The Golden Beach3YO&UP / F&M5 Furlongs / Turf$75,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
English Channel3YO1 M / Turf$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Honey Ryder3YO / F1 M / Turf$100,000NominationsPast Performances
Stakes Race
Royal Palm Juvenile2YO5 Furlongs / Turf$120,000
Royal Palm Juvenile Fillies2YO / F5 Furlongs / Turf$120,000
Stakes Race
Monroe3YO&UP / F&M1 1/16 M / Turf$95,000
Roar3YO5 Furlongs / Turf$95,000
Stakes Race
Mr. Steele3YO&UP1 1/16 M / Turf$95,000
Big Drama Handicap3YO&UP7 Furlongs / Dirt$100,000
Stakes Race
Game Face3YO / F6 Furlongs / Dirt$95,000
Stakes Race
Not Surprising3YO 1 1/16 M / Turf$95,000
Martha Washington3YO / F1 1/16 M / Turf$95,000
Stakes Race
Powder Break3YO&UP / F&M1 M / Turf$95,000
Stakes Race
Musical Romance Handicap3YO&UP / F&M6 1/2 Furlongs / Dirt$100,000
Stakes Race
Carry Back3YO7 Furlongs / Dirt$95,000
Stakes Race
Smile3YO&UP6 Furlongs / Dirt$120,000
Soldier's Dancer Handicap3YO&UP1 M / Turf$100,000
Stakes Race
Azalea3YO / F7 Furlongs / Dirt$95,000
Stakes Race
Bear's Den3YO1 M / Turf$95,000
Miss Gracie3YO / F1 M / Turf$95,000
Stakes Race
Proud Man2YO6 Furlongs / Dirt$95,000
Sharp Susan2YO / F6 Furlongs / Dirt$95,000
Stakes Race
Sheer Drama Handicap3YO&UP / F&M7 Furlongs / Dirt$100,000
Stakes Race
Benny The Bull Handicap3YO&UP7 Furlongs / Dirt$100,000